Iowa Naturopathic Physicians Association
Congratulations Colorado!

Colorado is this year's newly licensed state.
We couldn't be happier for all those Coloradans since we know first hand what it is like to not have access to Naturopathic Medicine. 

Senator Harkin Speaks on the Need for Naturopathic Physicians.

Thanks Senator Harkin!

Please, we need all of you in Iowa to send emails to your Iowa Legislators.   If you have time, please call them as well (not on Sundays please) Kindly ask them to support Naturopathic Physician Licensure and tell them why you want, at least, the choice to see a Naturopathic Physician in Iowa.  If you don't live in Iowa or still want to do more, please click here to find our how to contact this weeks critical Iowa Legislators.

Thank You!